Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Nothingness of Spring Break

So what's the deal with "having" to go and do for Spring Break? Why can't we just do NOTHING... truly take a break? I mean for the love... slow down, sleep in, relax... On the other hand, we adults really don't get spring break, do we ... technically it's called using a weeks worth of vacation. Well, i suppose i'm joining in on the fun regardless :: packing up the vehicle and headed out for our own little adventure. Drum roll, please :: to Missouri w/ my parents and brothers family for the weekend! I mean come on people... Bass Pro Shop, an economy hotel, visit weekend w/ family, some folk music if we are lucky, can it get any better?! I don't think so. (I'm being sarcastic, but truly am looking forward to the special time with my family.) The worst part is my husband can't even join us for the family fun b/c he's on call for work. He'll be staying at home selling his services (for donations) ... let me clarify :: fixing iPhone screens, yard work and landscaping, detailing cars, fun stuff like that. Although - he has a little adventure of his own planned for next weekend ... not including us so, I guess we'll call it even. Have fun in Rwanda, honey!


  1. Huh? Jon's going to Rwanda and you're not? So confused. Help.

  2. You're awesome babe. It's because of you believing with me for this opportunity to go to Rwanda that I'm going. You're such an encourager and the fact that you were so excited that i was going was really a blessing to me. I love you.

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